Popsicle business to support Humanist Orphan Centre Kenya

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Popsicle business to support Humanist Orphan Centre Kenya


Humanist Global Popsicle Project - to provide funds to feed the 30 orphans at Humanist Orphan Centre Kenya

Popsicle businesses have a high success rate in Kenya. The Humanist Global Popsicle project needs a Popsicle machine to make the popsicles and a deep freezer to store the popsicles in, plus 10 small coolers boxes to put the popsicles in.

10 volunteers will sell the Popsicles to various places: perhaps schools, offices, and markets.

Popsicle machines in Kenya: http://www.iceworldkenya.co.ke/product-category/popsicles-machines-kenya/

Prices at: http://www.iceworldkenya.co.ke/product/popsicle-machines/

Freezers: https://www.olx.co.ke/item/deep-freezer-iid-1052327915

Cooler boxes: https://www.olx.co.ke/item/cooler-box-32-litres-with-handle-capacity-50-cm-x-30-cm-x-34-cm-iid-1052115979

The strategy of this business is to capture the market by generating high quality Popsicles. Most people only use deep freezers in the area and produce low quality ones. 

To beat this competition, a Popsicle machine is required to generate high quality products. With a budget of US $ 2000, the project can be a success. 

This will be able to buy a Popsicle machine, the deep freezer, and about 10 cooler boxes that the volunteers can hawk at different locations.

In this Youtube video, this is the Popsicle machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw43WqXraC4

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