Bike Taxi - Nigerian Humanist-Humanitarian Offers 50% Off for Widows & Elderly - Needs $274

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Bike Taxi - Nigerian Humanist-Humanitarian Offers 50% Off for Widows & Elderly - Needs $274


Bike Taxi - Nigerian Humanist-Humanitarian

Bike Taxi - Nigerian Humanist-Humanitarian

Usman Abdullahi Muhammad 

He offers Half-Price rides to Widows, Single Mothers, The Elderly, Infirm, and Orphans

Address: No 40 Baba Ali street Unguwa Uku Tarauni Kano Nigeria

Phone Number: 08035659389

Bank : 2056363027 UBA

How I became Ex-Muslim humanist: I went to the Hajj where I found the rituals funny and ridiculous, I realized this religion and all religions are nonsense. I am now a humanist and I admire the ideals outlined in the oath written by Mubarak Bala.

How I became a Humanitarian: When I realized deities and devils are non-existent, I understood that only humans can help each other. Thenceforth I resolved to do my part in making the world less painful for the unfortunate by offering rides to the needy people - like widows, and the destitute - for only half of my regular fee.

Project budget: Taxi Bike S300 (I will get a fairly-used motorcycle with the $300 grant, as a new one is $700. I will buy the Boxer type as it is strong and durable. I will then buy two helmets with what is left, for myself and the passenger.)

Projected Income: Weekly: S20 – S50 / Monthly: S150 – S300 / Annually: over S3000 
Profit is always daily. I refuel with 1000 naira in the morning and pick passengers to their preferred destinations, they pay the fare and I pick the next one.

Daily profit accrues to N3000 ($80) in a single day, as I save to buy a tricycle so I can operate within the city, as well as be independent of my Islamist family. I am sure within 6 months, I would save $2,000 to buy a tricycle, (750,000).

This is all I do all my life, I have experience of 20 years. But then, the then government banned it in favor of a tricycle, which many could not afford, to exclude Boko Haram boys as it was what supported them economically and as logistic vehicle. Now the ban is relaxed in the outskirts of the city. I can do my work after registering with the government.

Who benefit from the project? Orphanage house 10% / Women empowerment programs 10% / Humanist organization 10%

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