Chicken Farm - Deborah Ugonna (Nigerian Humanist)

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Chicken Farm - Deborah Ugonna (Nigerian Humanist)


Chicken Farm - Deborah Ugonna (Nigerian Humanist)


 I am well versed in poultry farming with 2 years practicing experience and a one year learning experience making it 3 years total in the field. Currently I have 40 Turkeys but my dream is to expand by adding chickens. 

The Chickens will be raised and sold off at 8 weeks old making it 2 months business duration. Below are the projected cost and profits in details. 

My journey to humanism was not a smooth one. I was born and raised as Christian, made an orphan by the cold hands of death at a very early age of 11. I moved in with my uncle immediately, and lived with him for 4 years, in all those years I questioned the reason why a loving God would allow a kid like me to pass through such unimaginable hardship. The experiences I had as a kid were contrary to what the Bible promised believers. At 22, It dawned on me that no God watched over humans and that being kind to one another is all that matters, I realized that we are the gods we need.

Projected Cost 

100 birds = $83 . 

Feeding and medication = $194. 

Total = $277

Projected Income

Gross income (With an average estimated loss of birds 30% in the 8weeks and market price at $5.5 per bird) = $388.

Net income = $111 (in 2 months)

The manure produced by the birds are given to local farmers and at the end of sales, I will be donating 10% profit to my humanist group.

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