Laundry Shop - Ex-Muslim Nigerian


Laundry Shop - Ex-Muslim Nigerian


Name: Jamiyu Fatai Treasure 


Sponsored by Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN)

Address: L/H78 Alapata Street, Ilepa Ikare Akoko, Ondo State

Mobile Phone # +2348168872124

Polaris Bank -- 3047474093 

I became an Ex-Muslim, and atheist, when I saw the lies in religion. Religion has caused huge damage to our community; it holds us back; and it contradicts science.


I want to go into Laundry service and I have the work experience of about six years. I want to do this so that I can help myself pay my school fees. I am sure the business will succeed because people in the environment are very interested in the service. 

Budget (list all items needed and their cost) Total must the $300 or less:

Shop Rent $68

Shop Settings $32

Capital $160 

Total= $260

Projected Income (explain how much money it will make per month, show timeline)

Laundry service is profitable in my area because people are very interested in it and they patronise a lot. Frequent service will result in having much profits. About 50% of the capital can be realized as profit monthly.

Who Benefits from the Project? 

I will use it to support my education family, contribute fund toward a programs by Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN).

Description of my Community:

Ikare Akoko is a town in Ondo State, it's the headquarter of Akoko North East Local Government in Ondo Stae.

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