Natural Millet Fiber Basket Knitting - Nyakasanga Women Empowerment Group

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Natural Millet Fiber Basket Knitting - Nyakasanga Women Empowerment Group


Natural Millet fiber basket knitting

Name of Group: Nyakasanga Women Empowerment Group

Number of Members:15

Kabugho Agness, Niwamanya Jundith, Biira  Teddy, Nzyabake Juliet, Kyakimwa Janet, Kyakimwa Lazeri, Kabugho Hellen, Kabugho Immaculate, Muhindo Alice, Muhindo Jane Rose, Kyakimwa Joy, Masika Monika, Muhindo Eddy, Muhindo Yersi, Mbambu Annet

Humanist Organization You Belong To: Joy Women’s Group

(or) Humanist Who Recommends You: Mbambu Lavina

Your Address: Kizungu cell Nyakasanga Ward, Nyamwamba Division in Kasese Municipality

Your Mobile Phone # with Bank Account:+256786301292 (Kabugho Agnes)

Project Description:

Our basket project aims to break the cycle of poverty for 15  mothers by empowering them to knit and sell natural bags. We will then carry on producing the bags at home and our meeting point and selling them at our address and taking them to markets.

We intend that the profits will be used to pay tuition and buy scholastic materials for our children. This will help our children acquire a brighter future.

.We would like to have 3 three things:

10 bundles of millet fiber to be used to make/knit natural baskets

30 African black smith needles / Emighera, it is the metal that knits the natural basket.

Funds for renting a room to display/sale our natural baskets

Note: Most people knit bags which are not natural like the ones we are holding in the photo and these have no potential market. (They are made from polythen bags 

In fact we want to shift from such to natural baskets knitting once we are funded by Brighter Brains Institute


10 bundles of sorghum fiber = $ 194

30 African Needles/Emighera =$ 40

House Rent for 6 months = $ 66 

Total $ 300

Project Projected Income (explain how much money it will make per month, show timeline)

We estimate to make a profit of $ 361 Uganda shillings in a period of one ( 1) month once all the 10  millet Fiber bundles are Knitted. 

This project will make money because Natural baskets are highly demanded and practically, from a bundle that costs $ 16 you will get baskets worth $ 55. This is quiet good money and profit

Who Benefits from the Project? 

15 mothers/ women in our group

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