Recycled Tires Into Shoes Company (Trains & Employs Orphans) Uganda


Recycled Tires Into Shoes Company (Trains & Employs Orphans) Uganda



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The increased number of vehicles has led to a tremendous growth in the volume of scrap tyres. Every year, approximately 800 million scrap tyres and 3 million tonnes of used com-pounded rubber products are disposed around the globe and this amount is expected to increase by 1.4% for cars and 2.2% for commercial vehicles. In Uganda the number of motor vehicles on the road has maintained an upward trend, increasing by 34% between 1997 and 2001. That is an average of about 7% annually. Our major goal at Kasese  and kampala Waste Tire Recycling Center to reduce the number of waste tyres contaminating the environment by 98% through recycling, reuse and waste prevention by producing green products for the East African Community.


Improper disposal of used tires poses negative environmental impacts and it is also a waste of valuable materials and energy.Tires are resistant to natural decomposition and improper disposal pose negative environmental impacts, a waste of valuable materials and energy. When disposed of by landfills, tires remain intact for decades posing potential risk for leakage of zinc, sulphur and other pollutants into the groundwater.Many of Uganda's natural ecosystems are undergoing conversion, degradation, and decline in a totally unplanned and uncontrolled manner. Examples include: uncontrolled expansion of agricultural land; erosion of soils and a decline in soil fertility; falling quality and availability of water; unregulated encroachment and degradation of wetlands; encroachment of forest reserves; deforestation and overgrazing of rangelands; and invasion of weed species and bush encroachment. With the country's current population of 32 million set to double by the year 2020, these pressures are bound to be insurmountable without sustainable action at both the national and community levels.

GOAL: To improved economic development of orphans in primary schools and dropouts to access employment for self reliance in Kasese Uganda


a)   To train 30 orphans from salaam and African ark primary school drop outs in Tyres recycling into foot shoes for safety and health sanitation.

b)   To increase skills in tyre recycling to respond on impacts of climate change in Uganda.

c)    To promote entrepreneurship development through vocational skills in Making foot shoes out of tyres

d)   To procure recycling tool used for making tyres shoes for people to wear

How shoes are made out of tyres: PROPOSED PROJECT.

The project is dedicated to companies around the area that use scrap tires to produce different kinds of footwear. Tire tread is a precious material with very high wear-resistant properties and footwear benefits a lot from inclusion of this material in shoe soles.

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