Adamu Abdullahi Maifulawa (Nigeria) - Ex-Muslim & Orphan studying Geography - needs $120

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Adamu Abdullahi Maifulawa (Nigeria) - Ex-Muslim & Orphan studying Geography - needs $120


Adamu Abdullahi Maifulawa (he’s an orphan and his relatives won’t pay for his education because he’s ex-Muslim)


Address: Behind Firstbank Mpape, Abuja Nigeria.

Phone Number: 07062522654

College attend: University of Abuja

Major Subject: Geography

Ambition: Become a Lecturer

Bank: First Bank Nigeria - Account Number: 3089360049

I was born and brought up in the midst of a Muslim society who have a great religious intolerance and strong aversion towards people of other religions. The society influenced me to see every non-Muslim as God's enemy and that they do it deliberately while being aware that Islam is the only religion of God. I became more religious after my relocation to Gombe from my hometown (Potiskum), where I attended my Secondary School.

After my Secondary School I left Gombe for Abuja to look for a job that could sustain me to further my education. At Abuja I found myself in the midst of Christians where I realized that they too have similar view as Muslims that they are the only true religion of God.

In early 2018 I was admitted to University of Abuja where I'm studying Geography currently. WhIle studying I began to relate whatever I was been taught in geography to what I have learned in my former religion thinking that no one could know our earth better than He who created it. I have consulted several Islamic books that have talked about the science  and miracles of the Quran. Among them is the book written by Zakir Naik "Quran and the Modern Science - Compatible or Incompatible?". He manipulated Quranic verses to support his argument - mentioning that the sun and moon revolve in their orbit, however, he did not mention that the earth also revolves. 

I kept on viewing scientific facts with skeptizm while considering religious views as most acceptable, hence they are God's revelation.

While surfing the internet I came across a page titled 2800+ errors in the Quran. I resisted to visit the site. One day I changed my mind and decided to see why do they think there are scientific errors in Quran. I read those errors and admitted that the author of the Quran is wrong in those aspects. What caught my attention more was that the Quran mentioning that Zulgarnain (Alexander Great) has reached the setting place of the sun where he saw it setting in a murky pool. Since I'm a student of geography, I focused more on reading those geographical errors.

To cut a long story short I eventually rejected Islam as the religion of the All-knowing one, and that Quran is nothing but a man's false philosophy and pseudo-scientific view. I became an Agnostic and open-minded person who is willing to accept truth from anyone notwithstanding their background.

By November 2018 I started attending church services when invited, having in mind that they might be the most righteous servants of God since the Islamic Prophet plagiarized their book while condemning the original source. Yet, I realized that they are six of one, half a dozen of the other - taking advantage of peoples' ignorance to brainwash them into believing in their mythology while making them look like facts.

By December 2018 I began to asked the question "why do atheists think there are no gods?" I arrived at conclusion that there is no one religion on earth that is perfect; that knows the hiding facts uncovered by science today. While they have been claiming to have been sent by the All-knowing being. Therefore I deduced that there is no god and became an Atheist and a Humanist.

I began my new year (2019) with new ideology, freedom of thought and action.

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