Namanda Fatumah - orphan (Uganda)

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Namanda Fatumah - orphan (Uganda)


Namanda Fatumah is an orphan. She lives with her grandmother in Uganda.

She received excellent grades at Kasese Humanist Primary School, and at Sir Isaac Newton Humanist Secondary School. (she achieved a secular education, a rarity in Uganda)

Namanda now wants to attend Mbarara University of Science and Technology - it is the 3rd best college in Uganda, and she has already been admitted. 

Unfortunately, she cannot pay the tuition, and her grandmother has no money to spare either. 

Namanda would be the first sibling in her family to attend college - she was actually the first to attend secondary school.

Her tuition cost $700 per year, and her room and board will cost about $725.

Please donate if you can, to help this orphan girl get a college degree!

Fatumah will be receiving funds for her education through her mobile phone (+256703479547) the number is registered in the name of a different person (Nabulya Hadijah) During the registration of sim cards, Fatumah had not yet gotten her national ID and someone else helped her register this phone number.

Her email address is:

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