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Humanist Entrepreneur Project Grants

Brighter Brains Institute has provided 71 project grants in the last five years, delivering funds to humanists in Subsaharan Africa to help them achieve economic sustainability. .

In 2019 BBI is awarding grants for business projects with budgets of $300.

Proposals are viewed every other month. The next proposal deadline is June 20, 2019.

Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Applicants must be humanists; tell us if you are registered with a humanist organization, and email us a copy of the certification.

  2. Explain the project thoroughly. Budget must list all items needed and their cost.

  3. Explain how the project will make a profit and indicate the expected profit per month.

  4. Explain who benefits. We like to see 10%-20% given to local humanist groups.

  5. Include your address, email & mobile phone number with mobile money account attached.

  6. Send everything in one document to

  7. If selected, the recipient will get 50% of funds initially, with a request to make a sign. After photo of the sign is received, the remaining 50% will be sent.

  8. If you don’t receive the grant the first time you apply, you can re-submit your proposal.

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APPLICATION (fill this out and send to us)

Name of Project:

Individual’s Name or Name of Group:

Number of Members, if its a Group (List their names):

Humanist Organization You Belong To:

Address of Applicant:

Mobile Phone # that Can Receive Funds:

Your Mobile Money Service: (Airtel, Warid, MTN, etc)

Address of the person who has the phone account:

(or) PayPal account:

Project Description:

Project Budget (list all items needed and their cost) Total must the $300 or less:

Project Projected Income (explain how much money it will make per month, show timeline)

Who Benefits from the Project?

email completed application to