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Religion is Detrimental to Human Progress

by Amara

I'm a physicist who wants to spend her life doing awesome research, knowing everything there is to know and taking part in education and science

I left Islam because I concluded that all organized religion is detrimental to human progress and that either a being who fits my definition of god doesn't exist or is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

When I was still Muslim, I used Islam as a source of personal spirituality and reflection. I still went by my own moral code and focused on my own ideals: namely living life helping people solve personal and social problems, striving towards world peace, education, making people excited about awesome science and figuring out and knowing everything there is to know, beautiful art and wanting to experience and explore the whole universe. 

As the years passed, the more I learned about science, history and anthropology, and the more I thought about how to achieve a near perfect egalitarian world where everyone can be as personally, socially, economically secure, free and happy as possible, it became obvious that all organized religions are detrimental to the human progress in all forms.

Blind belief and superstition have no place in the endeavors I described. We must make rationality, critical thinking, and appreciation for facts and the scientific method and logic our ideals. We must all love, accept, include and help one another.

Blind belief in disproved nonsense or never been proven supernatural events and belief in one’s ‘moral’ and intellectual superiority based on belief in and adherence to ancient religions and ideologies is holding humanity back from both scientific and social progress. We can’t solve problems if ignore facts regarding both the existence of problems and the facts of nature. All ideologies that demand blind belief (including Islam) ask you to ignore reality, and facts and the provable, and agree to ideas, the happening of events and prescribed 'morality’ on blind faith. Because god said this happened, or said this idea is good for progress, or this thing is moral or immoral, it must be true! Even in the face of contradicting evidence.

All gods in all religions extinct and present are immoral, malevolent and self-absorbed to various degrees and don't fit my ideas for a potential god-like entity. Either one who is indeed omnipotent, omniscience and omni-benevolent, or some entity to started up our universe and has since left, and let it develop on its own devices. The first kind obviously doesn't exist while the second kind is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

It doesn't matter who or what if anything created the universe. If it fits my definition of a potential god, would be happy with people's efforts towards gaining knowledge, creating beautiful art, experiencing the universe, helping and loving one another and solving problems.

That is all I would want from my creation, if I were a godlike being. Nothing more. I don't need them to worship me. If my creation were to stumble across me and my role in creating them, through their search for knowledge, yay! They get a cookie. But I don't care, as long as they're smart, creative and kind.

If a god as described in the world religions exists, it is incompetent, malevolent, self-obsessed being must deal with me on 'judgement day’! I’ll fight it for toying with and trying to hurt good kind smart awesome humans.

That was a quite a rant! I apologize. I'm sick of Muslims assuming that we all left ONLY and MAINLY because we hate the oppressive and violent actions of individual Muslims (at large or in our families and communities) or we wanted to be free to indulge in solely superficial mindless pleasures.

I was sheltered from the actions of horrible Muslims at large as well as the horrible things in Islamic ideology as a child, grew up surrounded my loving tolerant family and friends, and was free to do almost everything. I still left for several well thought out reasons.