Bisoye Enterprises Retail Store, Nigerian Ex-Muslim Woman - FULLY FUNDED

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Bisoye Enterprises Retail Store, Nigerian Ex-Muslim Woman - FULLY FUNDED


Project Description: I want to improve on my retail business of selling wears and food stuffs in my community in order to sustain my self and my family. The business is projected to succeed and benefit those in the area in terms of scarcity or unavailability of some food items in the locality.

Project Budget :

  • Shop Rent: $80

  • Merchandise: $190

  • Total: $270

Project Projected Income: Food items and clothing business is very profitable and fast moving in my area because of the population and various needs of food items. Frequent sales will lead to having more profits. About 15% of the capital can be realized as profit every month and 6 to 12month to realize the full capital.

Who Benefits? This project will support and sustain my self and family. Funds will be contributed to a program of Humanist Association Of Nigeria (HAN).


Why I am Ex-Muslim:

Ever since childhood, the story that we came from rib of men does not sound right, I know it is we ladies that kneel to give birth to men, and not the other way round.

I found the answers in my secondary school and then university study, Biological Dept. I realized that we evolved, and we are still evolving, which best explains how life came about. And so, I discarded mythology and embraced facts and reality.

Although I am free when being myself, and among friends, whom I have convinced through such engagements about humanism, I have to act religious among family members. Which is why this grant would come in handy, and give me financial freedom as well as give me sustenance to be who I chose to be.

Address: Samaru Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Mobile Phone +2348139372718

Bank First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) Account # 3091300079

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