Mobile Phone Service Business — Ex-Muslim Nigerian Women - FULLY FUNDED

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Mobile Phone Service Business — Ex-Muslim Nigerian Women - FULLY FUNDED


Selling Recharge Cards (airtime), Internet Data, Phone Accessories

Ahmed Ohunene Amina, 34 years old


Project address: Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja,Nigeria

Bank Account:  GTBank 0024834161 Ahmed Ohunene Amina

Mobile Phone Number: 08074167799

Address:  Opposite Remaco filling station, Federal Housing, Lugbe, Abuja.

I am an Ex-Muslim - I left Islam because I grew up hating people who were not in my Islamic circle. I was becoming a fanatic. Sleepless nights praying, chanting endless prayers to which i never got answers. To me people were not human if they were not a Muslim. I remember vividly asking a question when i was about 7 years old - to my Islamic cleric who was teaching me about Islam (brainwashing)...i asked, “why is there a ‘devil’ but we have been praying for many years and the Devil hasn’t died yet, is he that strong that gods can’t kill him?” The cleric beat me mercilessly and he didn’t answer my question; he told my mum that i shouldn’t come to his school again; that i needed prayers because i was a possessed child, i had evil spirits in me (they call them jinns in Arabic) I was born into a muslim home so i had no choice of obeying my parents when it comes to Religion. As i matured I realized, why should i hate people unnecessarily just because one is not a Muslim? Why should i hate other humans, are we not all humans and the same blood flows in our veins?

I came to realise that Religion brings hatred in the world, Religion segregates humans, Religion makes humans lazy thereby not giving yourself time to think and work (relying on gods to do everything for you instead of working hard to be successful) Religion encourages unnecessary killings, Religious people think they are perfect humans, and term the irreligious as the bad ones. i left Islam. i want to Love whoever comes my way as far as am human like others. Ever since i became a humanist ive had rest of mind, i sleep well, i dont just sit down crying for one god or goddess to feed me, i learn to use my brain for critical thinking and logical reasoning, i have learnt to toil and work hard so as to touch lives around me, regardless of what anyone believes in.


Recharge cards: $75 

Phone Accessories: $60

Merchant Stall: $50 Dollars

Plastic Chairs: $55 

Data: $65

Total: $295

Projected Income

Selling Data:

Week 1: 25$

Week 2: 30$

Week 3: 40$

Week 4 : 45$

TOTAL= 140$

Selling Recharge Cards

Week 1: 15$

Week 2:  20$

Week 3: 30$

Week 4: 35$

TOTAL: 100$
Selling Phone Accesories e.g phone chargers, earpiece, phone pads

Week 1: 20$

Week 2: 25$

Week 3: 25$

Week 4 : 30$

TOTAL: 100$



With this earning in a year, I will empower some Widows and less privileged people in my area, to help them sustain themselves and survive

Who Benefits from the Project?  The widows, the less privileged and the malnourished in my neighborhood, because everyone should have a phone and they also need data subscription for their browsing activities on the internet.

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