Printing, Photocopy & Graphic Design Business - Maseno University Humanists and Freethinkers (Kenya) - FULLY FUNDED

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Printing, Photocopy & Graphic Design Business - Maseno University Humanists and Freethinkers (Kenya) - FULLY FUNDED


Printing, Photocopy & Graphic Design Business at Maseno University

Maseno University Humanist and Freethinkers

Maseno University Humanist and Freethinkers is a group of humanist and freethinking students at Maseno University who embrace a humanistic world view. The organization was formed in the year 2017 by likeminded individuals who believe that the values of reason, science, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values can transform the young generation and thus spreading these ideals within the university can help students to abandon backward belief and embrace evidence based reasoning.

The organization holds campaigns, debates, and workshops that touch on subjects like Humanism, Atheism, critical thinking, astronomy, science, and skepticism. Currently, the group has organized many debates and workshops. The members of the group meet for debates and workshops twice a week.

Group Members

Mose Ochieng Okinda, Bruno Ray Oyugi Obonyo, Patrick Mwangi Wanjiru, Brian Ochieng, Sergius Kasimba, Ogutu Rex Omondi, Mary Njeri Mwangi, David Njuguna Mbogo, Martin Oduor Othiambo, Leochrist Zighe, Felix Odhiambo, Nelly Wairimu Waweru, Victoria Karwitha

The Proposal for A Printing, Photocopy and Graphic Design Business

With the many debates and workshops the held, the organization realized that to attract many students to the group and join in the discussions, there are some of the incentives that they need to do that can give students the morale. To explain, university students are distracted by very many things and inviting them just for debates and workshop might not appeal to many of them. To be able to compete and attract new students to embrace the ideals of reason, the group realized that they have to invite speakers, print posters, hire projectors, offer refreshment, and also organize student exchange programs. Such are the activities that can help the organization grow since they pull the crowd. However, the group still does not have donors or any income generating activities that can fund these initiatives.

As such, the group came with the idea of starting a printing, photocopying and design business within the campus to generate income to enable them fund these activities. There are no places within the campus where students can print and photocopy their assignments and the class notes that they are given. They have to walk outside the premise and do the printing and photocopy outside and this gives the group a competitive advantage. The strength of the group is that it has a space within the university premises where the business can be set and students will not have to walk outside to do photocopy and printing but come to the organization’s premises. 

Machines and Materials to Buy

Epson Printer with External Cartridges

Desktop Computer

Budget for the Business Proposal

Computer - US $ 120

Printer - US $ 120

Printing and Photocopy papers - US $ 30 

Refilling Inks - US $ 20

Stapler - US $ 10

Total Cost - US $ 300

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